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I've already bought

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Buying a House

Congrats!! No matter you just bought a house waiting for settlement or you've lived in the house for a while, if you want to do some renovations or refurbish some areas, just get contact, our sales rep/designer will come to visit your house, plan and design your project and prepare the quote for you, you're also very welcomed to visit our showroom to get more trendy ideas.

I'm still searching

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How much savings I have, how much I can borrow from the bank, how much I have to pay for stamp duty and how much I need to spend for the renovations if I buy an old house? All these questions lead to one ultimate question, how much I can offer to buy a house considering all the resources and spendings.

Well, we may not be able to help you working out all the questions, but at least we can help to figure out how much you may spend on renovations, get contact with our sales rep/designer, inform of the property you will put offer and what renovations you will do, our staff will let you know how much roughly you will spend on renovations, happy budgeting & searching :)

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